Reputable since 2009, Royal Giant Group emerge out to be a fast-growing business specializing in the distribution of electronic products in Africa. Since then, it has firmly familiar as a leading LG distributor with a strong reach across African electronic market.

Royal Giant has recognized the value that bring life and convenience to the end user which provide proficient quality products and services. Given our valuable reputation, our success continues in our subsidiaries with proper distribution network which represent our strong capable sales team and skilled technician. We are highly client-oriented and quality-conscious.

Incomparable, the key niche of Royal Giant concentrates mainly in the African Continent which works very closely with brands providing a full range of activities from warehousing, showrooms, brand shops, promotional support and comprehensive customer service center.

Reflecting the strength of our financial improvement and its future potential, company launches Leeao Trading FZE, Dubai for warehouse,finance and administration office operation which handle the financial and logistic operations due to fast speed and efficiency of the business. The dedicated Chairperson has a long year of experience covering variety of electronic industries with strong expertise in management which drives major performance for improvement and business building program strategy.

Royal Giant Group developed the business for the past decade and has grown to be LG’s reliable outstanding distributor for West Africa especially in Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon markets. Company is providing electronic products such as LED television, washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner and home theatre. We have built a very strong relationship with local dealers through our continuous marketing activities and strategies which made LG as No.1 brand in the markets.

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